On the Webinar: Dr. Phillip Brassfield  hosts Pastor Doug Garasic.

  1. Show you haven’t quit (Helping our community).
    1. Distributing 5k food a day.
    2. Calling our database.
    3. Get on Facebook everyday at the same time.
    4. Get your small groups online NOW! (zoom)
    5. Check out getboxesofhope.com
    6. Remember the front line people (nurses, police, fire, grocery store workers).
  2. Over communicating we are still on a mission. 
    1. Sending 3+ Email blasts a week.
    2. Stories of people thanking us on social media
  3. Zoom call with legacy givers. 
    1. Asking questions like “How are you doing personally?” “What can I do for you?”
    2. Reading leadership books together.
  4. Texting top 50 givers every week
    1. Don’t ask them to give more unless it’s critical, show appreciation and prayer.
    2. Send them articles and blogs that would bless them.
  5. Text or send hand written notes to every first time giver.
    1. Response will always blow you away
  6. Start a Zoom call for all your entrepreneurs (like a small group).
    1. Once a week see how they are doing
    2. Share honestly how we are doing as a church with them (many can give more).

Generosity Texts

1st time Gift

Hey ___, Its Pastor Doug from Rust City. I wanted to say Thank you for your 1st gift of generosity to our church, it is helping us continue to reach the community. I know these are crazy times but God is still in-charge + we are praying for you. Let me know if you need anything.

Continued Gift

Hey ____, it’s Pastor Doug from Rust City. I wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ for your continued generosity to our church during this crazy time. Your gift is being put to good work as we continue to feed hundreds of people every day. I am praying God’s provision and protection over you and your household. Let me know if I can do anything else for you, this is my personal number.

Thank You for Box Truck

Hey _____, it’s Pastor Doug from Rust City. Wanted to update you on the box truck. The rest of the church will get this video on a eBlast but because you gave specifically to making this happen I wanted to personally thank you and hopefully this video blesses you like it did for us to make it! YOUR GENEROSITY MADE THIS HAPPEN! (Add Video)

Example of email:

Hi ______,

It’s an understatement to say we are living in an unusual season. Who would have believed our reality could shift so dramatically in such a short period of time?

In the midst of all of this, I am as hopeful about the future of the Church as I have ever been; maybe even more so. These words from the author of Hebrews come to mind: We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast. Each of us is reminded that our hope rests on God and everything else is unsteady. People are desperate for firm footing, which means this is the perfect opportunity for the Church to step up and share the hope of the Gospel.

Though we are in a season of turmoil and uncertainty, we will get to the other side of it, and when we do, we can anticipate that there will be many, many hurting people. I predict people will flock to the Church in larger numbers than we have been seeing, and so we ought to be preparing now for that; we cannot let up, even as we are in a challenging season.

To that end, in the short-term, we are making adjustments to keep Rust City Church strong so that we are prepared for the other side of this season:

  • Our weekly worship experiences will continue without interruption as we move to online gatherings. As important as it is to gather in person (Hebrews 10:25), the Church is the people, not the building, and we live in a time of unprecedented virtual connection. Our aim is to leverage technology to protect our communities from the spread of disease while staying fully engaged in community.
  • Our Short Courses + Family Parties will continue but will be modified to accommodate healthy social distancing as recommended by the CDC and our governmental authorities. We will have “Zoom Parties” online starting next week so we can stay more connected. If you don’t know what Zoom is, more info will be coming soon to let you know how to get in one!
  • We have to stay financially strong. The ongoing ministry of our church is dependent on the tithes and offerings of our people. Our giving has to be modified to accommodate the new reality of not gathering in person for a few weeks. Electronic giving is the best way to do this. Many of you are already on our giving platform. If you are not giving electronically, you can sign up here: rustcity.church/give. If you prefer to make your gifts by check, you can mail it to: 5555 Youngstown Warren Rd. Unit 105B, Niles, OH 44446.
  • Finally, Steph and I have decided to suspend our pay until this crisis comes to an end. We care so deeply about the vision and mission of Rust City Church and for the 15 staff who depend on their paychecks every month; our priority is that our church and our staff stay strong in this season. We did not do this for a “pat on the back” or sympathy. We did this with prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray that you would take some time today to ask God what He is asking you to do. This is not the time to hide our light under a basket but to let it SHINE! (Matthew 5:15-16)

Staying strong in worship, discipleship, and generosity is important as we work to love and serve hurting people during this tumultuous time.

We are here for you. Let us know how we can serve you as we navigate these challenging times together.

I wake up every day honored to be your pastor, and especially so in these days.

God Bless You,