Leaders have dreams and goals. It is who we are. But almost everyone needs help to experience those dreams and achieve those goals. From the greatest sports stars to the most successful business leaders, coaches are employed to help develop potential, enhance performance, and align goals within specific arenas. At Destiny we are committed to helping you do just that by connecting you to the right people, experts in their respective fields, who can educate, equip and encourage you to become all God has called you to be. Our goal is to optimize and maximize your skills and challenge you to take the action steps necessary to achieve your goals.

How it works…

Simply Enroll in one of Destiny’s Coaching Cohorts where you will meet people with your same areas of interest and together you will study under the instruction of an expert in the field. Our cohort groups blend education with relationship over an eight-week intensive training program with one focus and intent, your success. Your financial investment is $500 per cohort. 

This fall’s Cohort groups are forming now:

Leading Second (Leading Second Founder, Brandon Stewart)

Personal Empowerment  (Destiny Visionary Leader, Dr. Phillip Brassfield)

Preaching the New Testament (Lucan Scholar, Landon Galloway)

Managing Transition and Change (Lead Pastor Oasis Church, Austin Texas, Jonathan Suber)

Connections/ Small Groups (Christ Church West Monroe, Connections Pastor Jeffery Kent)

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