Study While You Serve

Study the Bible, theology, practical ministry, and leadership in a simple and interactive online environment. Learn from academically qualified and practically experienced church leaders so that you can better understand the Scriptures and better pursue that call God has placed on your life.

Serve in your local church while taking the online courses, so that you have a chance to gain practical experience to complement your ministry education. DLI includes and “internship” that allows students to learn from seasoned ministry mentors while serving in a local ministry setting.

Destiny Leadership Institute is committed to providing access to top quality ministry and leadership training at affordable tuition rates. Our tuition price is a fraction of the cost at similar institutions. This is made possible as a result of our management strategy and the generosity of our covenant partners who subsidize the cost of operation to help keep tuition rates low.Our current tuition rate is $1500 per year, paid in six consecutive installments. A 10% discount is applied when paid in full upfront.

Our online program is designed to fit well into even the most demanding lifestyle and schedule. It is built to be flexible, while at the same time, structured enough to keep students on track. In this way students can balance their study schedules with other responsibilities as they integrate systematic learning into their daily lives. DLI is designed so that our students gain practical training in the field of ministry service and leadership, in their local church,  in conjunction with their academic studies.

DLI courses are not merely self-guided, correspondence classes. Well-respected and knowledgeable instructors, who are experts in their fields, guide students through the course materials. Students regularly collaborate and communicate with students and instructors while they serve, and apply what they are learning to their local church or ministry settings. All units incorporate a variety of interactive elements, such as discussion boards, live webinars, and video lectures.