DLI currently offers two programs to choose from. In addition to our Two-Year Ministry Diploma program, we have added a One-Year Discipleship Program. Find detailed descriptions below to decided which program is best for you.

Our one-year Discipleship Program gives you the tools you need to live an effective life for Christ. Many Christians love Jesus and love the Church but have no access to resources that can help them grow into all that God has called them to be. We have designed an intentional, systematic, one-year online course of study that will give you the tools to live a full and fulfilling Christian life. In this program, students will learn the overall storyline of the Bible and how the individual parts fit together, the historical, cultural, and social background of the Bible, and the basic doctrines that constitute the Christian faith. Studies will also include how to grow in personal prayer and devotion, how to hear the voice of God, how students can share their faith with others, and how to create a sermon that students can proudly deliver to others.

Our discipleship programs includes the following courses:

Introduction to Bible, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Christian Foundations, Servant Leadership

Destiny Leadership Institute currently offers a two-year program, that upon completion, leads to the Diploma in Christian Leadership. Each core is designed to be user friendly and practical, as well as academically sound. Utilizing the latest Internet technology coupled with time proven educational delivery systems, DLI cultivates the student’s understanding of Scripture, their ministry gifting and personal life vision. By doing so, we assist them in laying firm foundations within their lives upon which they can build their Ministry and Leadership skills. The program is broken up into two academic years.

Our ministry diploma program includes the following courses:

Year 1: Introduction to Bible, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Christian Foundations, Servant Leadership, Internship 1

Year 2: Ministry Ethics, Effective Christian Living, Intro to Christian Ministry, Ministry Skills, Christian Foundations 2, Internship 2