1. God’s Location may be different than yours.

  • There are hurting, broken people EVERYWHERE.
  • Every community needs more churches.
“If somebody hadn’t come to Beebe (my hometown,) and loved me, I wouldn’t be here today.” – Calvin

2. We mature toward love.

  • Part of being conformed into Christ’s image is getting His heart for people.
  • When you truly love a people, geography no longer matters.
  • God’s Version is in His time, in His way, and in His place.
“I only did what love demanded.” – Mother Teresa

3. Three practical things we’ve learned and navigated in our tenure as a Church:

  • We began with the initiative to Love. That was a huge win.
  • We had to shift leadership positions quickly to navigate the growth we were experiencing. Our job as pastors is to help our people find where their gifts work best.
  • We never begged anyone to do anything. We prayed people in. It’s Jesus’ Church and He is going to put the people into position that He wants there.

“Our destiny is more like a seed to be planted than a door to be opened.” – Phil

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