1.  Platforms and Promotions.

  • A basic platform is necessary to get your message out.
  • Social Media is a great tool for this. If someone is new to social media, we encourage them to pick two platforms and spend 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week on them.

2. Titles, Subtitles, and Chapter Titles.  

  • Your title is your big idea.
  • Your subtitle is your promise to the reader: what journey you’re going to take them on throughout the duration of your book.
  • Your chapters are a sort of layout which reinforce and emphasize your subtitle.

3. The Good Process vs. The Bad Process.

  • Good processes begin with a good idea.
  • To get a good idea, first seek God. Make an outline, then start writing.
  • Have a good team.
  • Decide if you’re going to publish traditionally or independently.  (Independent Pros: Gain control of your rights, maintain your ability to keep the content you want in your book, and fast-track your publishing process.)

4. The Next Steps:

  • Go to brookstonecreativegroup.com and sign up. It’s never too late, but the earlier in the process you start, the better.
  • Get a good editor. A good editor will genuinely hurt your feelings as they change your content. That’s the sign of a great editor.

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