1. Pastors should champion the positions in media and sound.
  • When volunteers and staff-members give the amount of time, devotion and energy it takes to run sound and build the church in media, Pastors should honor them and be grateful to have dedicated media members on their team. 
  • When church members are frustrated with the audio engineer or the way the lights and sound are being run, Pastors should have their media team’s back.

Excellence honors God and inspires People. 

  1. Great sound and media shows preparation and value for the attendee.
  • If you’re not doing run-throughs for your services, you’re missing out. 
  • All of the issues in church sound/media could be solved with a pre-service run-through. 

You want to make mistakes when nobody’s there, because then you can fix them before your congregation arrives.  

  1. Goals for pastors and production Team https://destinyleaders.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#
  • Pastors: invest in your teams by giving them the tools, education and training that they need and desire.
  • Production: take the initiative to put in the time to study sound, master your craft, and get the equipment you need.  

We’re not just turning knobs and clicking slides, we’re part of a bigger picture which is leading people to Christ.

Contact Pastor Calvin for Sound Consultation:

Email: cbarnes@newlifechurch.tv

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