• Leadership has a language.
  • We all too easily get caught up in the hows and mechanics of leadership, when we would do well to learn how to speak it’s language.
  • There are 3 essential keys to speak the language of leadership:
  1. Great leaders speak the language of possibility.
    • The greatest leaders have resisted negativity in favor of possibility.
    • The language of possibility lifts hearts and inspires hearers and followers to what could be.
    • Great leaders have a way of inspiring people through optimism.
  2. Great leaders speak the language of purpose.
    • A Leader must communicate values and vision.
    • Great leaders are “Why” leaders, always speaking to the purpose in the call.
  3. Great leaders speak the language of potential.
    • Great leaders are always speaking to the highest, most redemptive purpose in others.
    • Always speak to the best part of people.
    • Jesus always saw past people’s faults and spoke to their potential.