1. What does your Next Steps system look like?

We have a very clear pathway for discipleship.  

  • Everyone goes through the same pathway.
  • We don’t advertise anything all month in Sunday service except for 101 Starting Point.
“To be unclear is to be unkind.”

2. What are the classes in the discipleship process?

  1. (101) Starting Point
    • What was Salvation?
    • Sign up for Water Baptism.
    • We need the local church.
  2. (201) Joining The Church
    • We ask for three things:
      1. Come Weekly
      2. Serve Monthly
        • At least once per month, preferably twice, no more than three.
      3. Give Faithfully

“The first idea on the table isn’t usually the greatest idea. It’s usually the lowest hanging fruit.”

3. What’s a leadership decision you feel has made the difference for you?

  • Teaching Team: rotating teaching pastors
  • Finding ways to be creative financially.

“Scarcity is an invitation for creativity.”

Recommended Resource:
Wayside – The Last Place You’d Expect to Find God.
by Doug Garasic.
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Visit douggarasic.com