Defining, Defying, and Defeating.


Show Notes


  1. Giants Intimidate
  • At nearly 10 feet tall, Goliath was an enemy champion.
  • By nature, Giants are sent out to shock us. It’s goal is to stare down, intimidate, and paralyze the people of God.
  • The Philistines had a real Giant, but Israel had a real God.

    2. Giants are positioned between the promise God gives us and the fulfilment of that   promise.

  • When God gives a promise, next comes a giant.
  • Giants occupy the land of promise.
  • To possess the land of the promise, we have to dispossess the giants.

     3. Giants are a mouthpiece for the enemy.

  • Goliath, offended that a boy would challenge him, began to speak lies over him to scare him.
  • When giants speak words, we hear paragraphs.
  • The enemy wants you to surrender your destiny without a fight!

     4. The Giant’s purpose is to steal your passion and rob your momentum.

  • When we are discouraged, we have lost heart.
  • The enemy knows he can capitalize on moments of discouragement.
  • The purpose of God in your life is bigger than the purpose of the giant.

Look past the giant in your life, to the God who is greater than the giant!



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