1. Understand that you have a divine purpose.

  • David was driven by passion for a purpose.

  • One of the greatest weapons we have against giants in our life is to realize that God has given us a purpose.

  • Giants are defeated in our life when our cause is greater in our heart than our fear of the giants in our life.


  1. God equips His purpose with a promise.

  • When God makes a promise connected to His purpose, it stands.

  • When you have a purpose from God, that purpose comes with a promise.

  • The momentum of purpose carries you through all trials.


  1. You can rely on sovereign power.

  • One of the tactics of the enemy is to get us to shift from divine purpose into our own power and abilities.

  • (Without God,) We’re all just a few poor decisions from destruction.

  • The giants you face cannot stand against your God!


  1. These three things produce a faith perspective.

  • Perspective is the vantage point from which we view the situation.

  • Our default vantage point is fear.

  • Faith isn’t a mirror, where you evaluate yourself, but a window to look out and see the world through God’s lens.


Stand in faith! So much of our life will be defined, not by what we achieve, by what we overcome.



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David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants
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