1. There is a difference between counseling and coaching. 

  • Counseling is responding to people’s problems.
  • Coaching helps develop strengths.
  • It takes a lot of time to coach.
  • Ultimately everything we do comes out of who we are.
“If you build big people, they’ll build whatever big thing you want!”
– Stephen Martin

2. Vintage Church’s definition of Character. 

  • Everything in your life is built on the foundation of character.
  • Character = Accountability. Do you have accountability for everything you’re doing?
  • We’re high-feedback. If you have a problem with high accountability, you’re going to hear about it.
The focus isn’t helping team members do a job better, but to be better. 
– Phil Brassfield

3. How Vintage Church develops people:

  • We developed a field and a playbook.
  • We use a planner called “The Better Planner,” to help people grow.
  • The planner helps team members determine their personal vision, map their relationships and examine how they use their time.

We do a disservice to young leaders when we teach them what they could accomplish before we teach them what manner of people they should be.
– Phil Brassfield

4. The Better Planner Examined:
  • Character is the base.
  • Next comes Calling.
  • Calling always results in Fruitfulness.

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