Hope, Peace, Reconciliation, & Identity.

On the call: Dr. Phil Brassfield, Jarred Moss, Pastor Carl Medley

Who is Carl Medley? 
Associate Pastor at The River in Searcy, AR.
Former Arkansas State Director of Promise Keepers Ministry, a movement for Christian men of integrity.
“Carl is an apostle in the Kingdom.”
The role of today’s apostle in the kingdom is largely foundational in nature. – PB

1.What is the role of the church in this hour? 

We’ve seen a plethora of response across the nation and I’m frankly glad. – PB
“Part of the role of the church in any nation is being the conscience of the nation.” – John Stott
“What can we do? Be the conscience of the nation.” – PB
“We are all one and the same blood because of Jesus’ blood.” PB
“Judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“It’s the church’s job to get between the attacker and the attacked.” – PB
You have to say something.

2. How do we respond as the church? 

“Our emotions have been stirred, and that’s good. God gave us emotions for a reason. But we can’t be led by our emotions. We have to be led by the truth. “ – Carl Medley
“The world is not evolving, it’s devolving.” – CM
“There is no unity apart from The Cross. There is no oneness apart from Christ.” – Carl Medley
“We’ve gotten to a place where we don’t want to offend anybody, but we’ve compromised the truth! We HAVE to speak the truth!” – Carl Medley
“It’s not about your race, it’s about the Holy race.” – CM
“You can’t say that you love God but you don’t love your brother.” – Carl Medley
“The word of God is a mirror, but faith is a window. When we get the word in us, we can look through the window and see the world better. “ – PB
“We don’t want to become what we hate.” – CM

3.Once we’ve wept, How do we make change? 

“The church is to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.”
“The golden rule has to be the golden standard!” – PB
“We have to be transformed ourselves.” – PB
“It’s our job as leaders to help set the brokenness of the body” – PB
“It’s not so much (about) a plan, as much as it is a manner of spirit.” – JM