Pastor Joel Stockstill has been a prophetic voice for believers young and old across the nation for many years. The Lord has given Joel a unique message to the Body of Christ that reaches beyond age, nationality, and cultural barriers. Many pastors and youth pastors seek Joel’s insight in the areas of leadership strategy, youth ministry, and spiritual understanding. He desires to see the church focus on the message of the Cross, holiness, and the principles found in the book of Acts that caused the early church to explode in revival and growth. Find more information at 

Quotes from this podcast: 

 All quotes are from Pastor Joel except the one attributed to Dr. Phil Brassfield.

“The apostles and prophets go before the other gifts to break open new territory for the church and establish foundations to build on.”

“Prophets are a vertical gift: they minister to the Lord.”

“The Kingdom is righteousness joy and peace. anything we announce prophetically must be filtered through that lens.”

“We are called to be salt and light.”

“Light is about bringing illumination. Salt prevents decay and corruption.”

“Prophets are predominately salt. They’re the saltiest of the five gifts.”

“Pastors don’t like prophets because prophets are salt.”

“Many people don’t like the salt because the salt burns.But the salt makes things taste good.”

“When you get rid of (the salt), it all becomes useless and even the light is on extinguished.”

“If someone is prophetic, they will be drawn towards prayer.”

“Feedback is critical.”

“The role of the prophet is not just to declare the word of the Lord but to reveal the heart of The Lord.” – Phil Brassfield