Show Notes – Destiny Leaders Podcast

1. Describe your church in single words.

  • “Robust.” – Pastor Robin Steele.
    • There’s a lot of strength behind this church.
  • “Fun”
    • This our life and family. If we can’t laugh with each other and have fun in the journey, we’re not going to make it.
“When we get to heaven, we won’t be known for what we’ve accomplished, but for what we’ve overcome”
– Phil Brassfield.

2. We are called to steward rather than take ownership.

  • One of the challenges of leadership in the local church is to reject the impulse to take ownership.
  • “God calls us stewards rather than owners. He is the one who possesses ownership. We simply steward what he’s given us. ” – Robin Steele
“Owners have rights, stewards have responsibilities.”
– Phil Brassfield.

3. What’s your process at Promiseland San Marcos?

  • We are a hardworking church.
  • Our Church is very small group driven. Our whole leadership is structured around groups. It’s not just a way to study the Bible but its the way we do mission and events.
    • For example, if we have an outreach, it will be comprised of groups getting together and taking roles.
  • Small groups carry life at the cellular level to give the overall Body nutrition and life.
  • When you incorporate a sense of purpose into small groups, it makes them more powerful and certainly more “robust.”

“People want to have purpose.”
– Phil Brassfield