Interview with Dr. Phil Brassfield, with Pastor Amos McFalls and Pastor Jarred Moss.

1. Tell us about the birth of Destiny.

  • Destiny was birthed as a ministry group to impart the full functionality of the 5-fold ministry (Eph.4) into local Churches.
  • Rather than plant our ministry in a specific major city, God gave us the vision to build the network in cyberspace.
“Destiny was catalyst that led a group out of an analog world into a digital future”

2. What is the foundation of Destiny?

  • There have been many organizations and networks that have gathered around what they do.
  • There haven’t been many that have gathered around their values like Destiny has.
“The foundation of Destiny isn’t what we do, but what we stand for. “

3. The mission of Destiny.

  • Destiny is a service organization. The mission is to serve.
  • “Every Blessing is Contested.”
  • We’ve had tremendous opportunities to be blessings in the way of giving in the body of Christ.
  • If there’s a {main} gift that God has used us to deposit into the Body of Christ, it’s servant leadership. 
    • To serve and to give.

“We’ve sought to not be a reservoir of blessing, but a river of blessing, where God can flow in and flow out.” 

4. How had COVID-19 impacted Destiny and the Church?

  • We have placed our own events and plans on hold and shifted to resource and equipping.
  • We’ve just witnessed the greatest church planting movement sense the book of Acts.
    • Virtually every church has planted a new campus online.
    • We shouldn’t surrender that new territory after we return back to the campus.
“There’s never been a better opportunity for the body of Christ to be that: the Body of Christ.”