When you’re betrayed you first go through. Shock and denial 

The nature of betrayal is you didn’t see it coming. 

Bitterness is like bad breath. Everyone knows they have it except for the person who has it. 

When you become bitter, every going forward relationship is viewed through that bad experience. 

Trust is not freely given, trust is earned. 

We’re told repeatedly to trust God, but I’ve not found one scripture where we’re commanded to trust people.

You can forgive and not trust. 

Trust takes work to rebuild in a close relationship. 

PB: You build trust through accountability and responsibility. 

Jesus: if you have ought or if your brother has ought, leave your gift. It’s your turn. 

When you take initiative, the ball is in their court. 

PB: God took the initiative to reach for us. While we were yet sinners. 

Religion is the story of man reaching for God. 

Christianity is the story of God reaching for man.