Reflections on Chapter 9 of Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders.

Even a brief perusal of the chapter should produce a solid agreement with not only the title of this portion but the content. Each quality set forth is worthy of attention, acquisition and application. 

When I pause and reflect on leaders that I know personally I begin to recognize these attributes more clearly. I may not have used the same terms Dr. Sanders presents and I may not articulate the matters in such a refined and insightful way, but I agree with his assertions. Humor, anger, patience, friendship, tact and diplomacy, inspirational power, executive ability, the therapy of listening, along with the art of letter writing are essential qualities for a dynamic leader. I would like to remind us that it is easy to project these qualities on to leader that we know from afar. I thank God for those that I know in that manner- I know them through their writing, their reputation conveyed to me by others, by having heard them preach, etc. I do thank God for that and I continue to hold them in high regard. But I’m thinking of those that I know more personally.

As I read this chapter, I began to recall various instances in my life where these leadership qualities touched me. Memories of the actions of a school teacher, a church elder, a family member, a pastor, etc. drift through my mind. In reminiscing I perceive the reality that none of these people possessed these qualities in superabundance and the often one factor overshadowed others. Yet, I cannot deny they touched and blessed my life.  

That seemingly insignificant perception is a ray of hope for me. It is abundantly clear to me and those who truly know me that I don’t possess many of the qualities discussed in this chapter. But maybe the few that are part of who I am have made a positive difference in the lives of others. It will only be by God’s grace that this would happen.

God knows I need to be better and I want to be better. God knows, as of today, I am not all He wants me to be and I know this as well. 

So, I read on. So, I keep examining me; I keep asking questions of myself and of The Master. I pray. To Him I keep trying to pay attention, remain open to the process of acquisition and be diligent in day to day application. 

I think this is the way to grow, to attain more essential qualities of leadership. What do you think?