Destiny Ministries is an inter-denominational, multi-racial Christian organization focused on leveraging resources toward common purposes in the Kingdom of God. We coach and train Christian leaders helping to develop higher levels of effectiveness and excellence in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives as well as provide opportunities for cooperative ministry activities. Our organization is composed of Christian leaders from virtually every stream of Christian faith and endeavor.

Destiny is your one-stop source for innovative cutting-edge ministry solutions. If you’re looking for leadership development, or maybe you need ministry credentials or legal covering for your Church or ministry. All these things are available through Destiny’s Church and Minister’s Network. We offer leadership training through our Leadership Institute, a wide variety of missions opportunities, as well as ministry enrichment seminars, ministry advances and conventions – all kinds of special events designed to help you be the very best you can be.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

Destiny Ministries follows an apostolic model in its approach to Christian ministry. Crossing both denominational and independent lines, apostolic groups such as Destiny are becoming a rallying point for networking leaders who are joining forces to accomplish God’s purposes in our generation. These groups are typically lead by an apostolic leader who casts vision for the group, identifies ministry opportunities, and facilitates ministry resources to meet the needs, thereby maximizing their impact for the Kingdom of God.

In Destiny, Dr. Phillip Brassfield leads a team of apostolic leaders who represent a wide variety of spiritual gifts and ministry callings into common endeavors. Planting churches, redeveloping existing churches, training Christian leaders, credentialling ministers, and planning special events all become part of the Destiny vision of ministries.

philcath3About Our Directors

For more than twenty five years, Phil and Cathy Brassfield have served the Lord in various ministry capacities. Phil was called by God at a young age to develop Leaders. And he has been, for many years, a trailblazer and designer of innovative and nontraditional ministry and educational concepts. He has served in almost every position imaginable in the local church, including Senior Pastor, and in a variety of executive positions with three different non-traditional Christian Colleges whose primary focus was equipping leaders in partnership with the local church. As the Lord continued to develop him as a Leader, He eventually brought into clear focus Phil’s life, vision and mission. That vision would prove to be Destiny Ministries.

As a seminar and conference speaker, Phil addresses relevant issues confronting leaders in both the religious and secular arenas. His message of grace, hope, and love, coupled with keen insight into life’s fundamental issues, has offered a light of God’s direction to many on their journey through life.

His wife, Cathy, holds a degree in Biblical Studies, and serves as a role model to countless women in ministry. She is an intercessor and also manages the Destiny Business Office.