As we move away from the epicenter of this pandemic and are negotiating the new norms that will undoubtedly follow, let’s use this opportunity to reset our focus. Resist using a past frame of reference as a compass to guide your forward. A rearview mirror is only a fraction of the size of the front windshield. It’s that way for a reason. It’s there to give you perspective about where you have come from, but moving forward requires a clear vision of what’s ahead, not what’s behind. During this season, the fear threshold of most people has been adjusted dramatically. Take advantage of this reality and make the changes you need to make to move forward. 

Here are several coaching suggestions to help you and your leadership team move forward: 

Simplify. Because of social distancing and the other effects of the pandemic, people are living and thinking a bit more simply. Get in that flow. Simplify your approach to everything. 

Clarify. Audiences are going to be generally smaller (at least for a while). Speak the language of today and of the audience you are interacting with. If you need help, ask for it. Share your ideas with others, someone older, younger, more technologically experienced, someone from a different culture. Craft your message to your audience and the occasion with the goal to clarify your message. Try to always speak a message that is on time and on target and relatable to your audience. 

Change. Pray for the courage to let go of some stuff you have been holding on to that is not moving you forward. Think God’s will and purpose, not personal preference. Determine what needs to change and change it. Effectiveness is always in style. 

Decide. Decide on some things. Get off the bubble. Decide on the things you need to keep and work on them. Seek new and creative ways to establish, introduce and sustain them, but become relentless. The eternal truths of God and His Kingdom are always the pearl of great price. Sell the farm if you have to, sell out to what is eternal. That was Jesus’ idea. 

Learn. Learn from others. Focus on becoming a good student and less on being an expert. But always seek to share what you have discovered and celebrate when others get something figured out. 

Give. Give yourself and others lots of grace. Refuse to argue or debate nonessentials. Commit to encourage, support and assist in every way you can. We are all in this together. We are all going to the same place, the future.