To donate to relief efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Laura, please click the button below and choose ‘disaster relief’ from the designation options. All donations are tax deductible and will go to benefit those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Laura. Thank you.


Prayer Points:

Please join us in prayer praying…

  • For the people of the Lake Charles area, for their safety, health, and for God’s great grace as they go about putting their lives back together following Hurricane Laura.  
  • For the children effected by the storm. Pray for their homes and families, for peace, stability and provision for their needs.
  • For churches, Christian leaders and Pastors in the area as they attempt to serve their members and the community with hope, help and in efforts of recovery. Pray that the Name of Jesus Christ would be lifted up and that the church of Christ would shine forth as the Sun at noonday. 
  • For volunteers to help with recovery efforts and their safety as they travel to and from the disaster area. 
  • For God’s blessing and divine provision for every good work by the people of God; that every sending church and civic organization committed to help those in need would be blessed for their efforts and protected as they serve. 
  • For protection for all who serve from COVID 19 and that a shroud of God’s glory would rest upon all His children and those who do His work to assist the suffering in His Name.
  • Pray for the civic leaders, Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish governmental leaders, first responders and police, that they would be blessed and protected by God, and honored and respected by the community as they serve. That they would use wisdom, kindness and compassion in all their decisions and actions. 

Staging Points:

We have identified several possible Staging points For Destiny Response. This is for the delivery of supplies and the coordination of work crews. We have included their addresses and a contact person for each who will know the situation and needs on the ground and be able to coordinate with incoming supplies and manpower. They will form a triangle of access to the Lake Charles area. 

From the East: 

Our Savior Church 

Distribution Center is at:

Guinn Auctions Company
1072 I-10 Frontage Rd
Jennings, LA  70546

Contact: Christy Pitre

Healing Place of Baton Rouge 

19202 Highland Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Contact: Johnny Green

From The North: 

Riverpark Church Shreveport 

3232 E 70th St.
Shreveport LA, 71105

Contact: Jereme Jeane

From The West: 

Dream Center, Beaumont TX 

3890 FM 3514
Beaumont, TX 77705

Contact: Clint Carlton

Partner Churches in the Lake Charles Area:

Church of the King
Pastor Todd Schumacher

Lake City Church
Pastor Charles White

Needs on the Ground:

Typically, we focus first on pastor and staff’s homes. We believe that getting the church’s leadership teams back into their home is important both for them and their congregation and community.  It is exceedingly difficult to serve others when there is instability in your personal home. Therefore, we will be coordinating with the two churches above to address the needs of their leadership as a first priority. 

  • Chainsaw crews/Manpower ASAP
  • Tarps
  • Water and Gatorade both for workers and population
  • Gift Cards
  • Mucking Crews and cleaning supplies including mold killer, not just bleach
  • Building supplies (sheetrock and lumber etc.)


In response to Hurricane Laura, Our Savior’s Church is working in cooperation with other Louisiana churches to provide relief and assistance to those affected by this storm. We need tarps, roofing materials, extension cords, heavy-duty trash bags, baby items (clothing, wipes, diapers), and personal hygiene items. 

Join us as we send teams to the front lines to repair roofs, cut down trees, feed the locals, and minister to the people of Lake Charles. We are working with disaster relief experts from Eight Days of Hope and Samaritan’s Purse.


***Crews need to be self-contained with adequate water and food supplies (roughing it). No stores are open in Lake Charles. Work crews should consider mobile accommodations with portable restrooms/showers etc such as RV or motorhomes in the initial phase recovery. (Generators, on board water supplies etc are important)***

For individuals looking for serving opportunities to help with Hurricane Laura relief efforts, please visit the Samaritan’s Purse and The Red Cross’ websites for more information.