The 2020 Virtual Gathering Conference

Welcome to your one stop shop for our first ever Virtual Gathering Conference! Here you will find links to 3 premier specials–including one for youth & young adults, online DLI Graduation Recognition and Ordination. You will also find links to 4 weeks worth of  Children’s Lessons, and recordings to the Master Class sessions. Don’t forget to check out our Destiny Worship Playlist–featuring worship teams from all over the country! 

Premier Specials

Premier Special #1: Dr. Phillip Brassfield

Youth/YA Premier Special: Pastor Jarrod Moss. 

Premier Special #2 /DLI Graduation: Pastor Landon Galloway

Final Premier Special/Ordination: Pastor Tom Lowe

The Destiny Kids Center

Hey Parents!  We’ve created a special Virtual Gathering for your kids called “The Change.” Change happens all the time. Change can seem bad at times but Jesus uses change to help and better us.  Included are 4 weeks of videos/lessons for your kids! Special thanks to the children’s  ministry teams at Christ Church West Monroe, LA, and Grace Church Tomball, TX for the collaborative lessons! 

The Destiny Store

Destiny is excited to announce that we have launched our very own store! We have shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more! Check it out!