Several years ago I attended a memorable high school football game where our nephew was playing. It was a beautiful evening and everyone was excited about the game.

As the two teams began to play, it wasn’t long until the opposing team had the upper hand. As the coach stated later, “they got up on us pretty quick and we were down 2 or 3 possessions.” Our guys were having trouble completing their assignments. Plays they had practiced, and already executed so well in previous games, were falling short. They were missing signals and passes. Before long, their shoulders began to droop. They were getting tired, and discouragement was showing on their faces.

But then, spontaneously, family members and friends began to call out to their players. “Come on guys!” “You can do this!” Feet began rumbling in the stands and hands clapped louder. From the people who had traveled to this out-of-town game, there came a chorus of encouragement for the players that grew in unison and volume. The energy was tangible. With every play, whether successful or not, came a barrage of encouragement and coaching. The fans were standing. They were shouting! They were loving. They were lifting. Like fresh wind, hope for a win was building.

Our team came together and added points to the board. Each score was celebrated loudly and victoriously! The crowd was completely engaged in the game! Now the team was moving down the field with strength and success. They came back, went into double over-time, and won the game!

Our guys came home with a victory that night. But the win was in the stands! Had it not been for the unity between the fans in the stands and the team on the field, the outcome of the game could have been very different. 

Like never before, the Church today is positioned for impact. But it is also faced with unprecedented challenges and opposition. Now is not the time to be passive. Never underestimate the power of a word of encouragement, your smile, or your presence. Our communities need the Church. Our nation needs the Church! But our churches need you! 

May we be strengthened and become more engaged than ever before as we stand together and encourage, love and lift in this season of pandemic and struggle.  The win is in the stands. Together, we win.

This article was originally featured in Destiny Magazine, 2020 Fall/Winter Edition. 

For over twenty years, Cathy has served Destiny alongside her husband, Dr. Phil Brassfield. She loves and listens, leads and intercedes for the Destiny Covenant family. Known for her gentle spirit and kind disposition, she warms the hearts of leaders around the world. As a devoted wife, mother and Nina, she enjoys spending time with her children and 6 grandsons, and traveling with her husband to new and exciting places.