A lot is said today about vision, but vision alone is not enough to keep a team in motion. There must be values behind the vision. If people are to embrace a long term vision and sustain a strong level of intensity, they must share the values that drive the vision.

A value (Destiny definition) is simply ‘what is important’. Each and every team member certainly has their own unique view as to what is important to them, but if they are to fit into a long term strategic plan within your organization they, in addition to their own values, must share the core values of the organization. Those values are really the locomotion behind your vision and the success of the organization.

There are certain core values that drive Destiny Ministries and those values are a force that holds us true to our mission. Below is a list of values that we share. They are the glue that holds us together as a family. Understanding the mission of Destiny Ministries is really impossible without sharing our values.



Our relationship with God and one another is our most powerful motivation. We believe that the Kingdom of God is best reflected in the context of a family or relationship. Therefore, we are committed to developing real relationships with real people and a real God. And ‘real’ is a key term. These kinds of relationships we value above projects and programs. We value individuals above agendas and believe that only in proper covenant relationship with others can we maximize our potential and seize our opportunities for the Kingdom.


We believe that, as humans, worship is our highest and most noble expression of purpose. We place a high value on worshiping God and believe that as a group we are strengthened as we worship together. Therefore, we plan opportunities to worship together.


If we are to sustain real relationships with real people, we believe that integrity is an absolute must. People who do not value integrity will find Destiny uncomfortable. We value a Christian’s word, and trust their motives to first be Christ-o-centric before they are me-o-centric. This core value allows us to be whole people who work as a team with a redemptive purpose. This commitment includes sincerity with God, honesty with people and in finance, a lifestyle of responsibility, accountability and repentance.


Excellence is a commitment to do our very best every time. Therefore, we see ourselves as forever students – always seeking to learn and improve our abilities and skills. Our goal is to function at increasingly higher levels of effectiveness. This requires a pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as well as Spiritual authenticity and fervency. We seek to create a culture where we are constantly being challenged with new ideas and insight, where a competitive spirit is resisted but competence is encouraged and expected.


As a Covenant Family, we affirm the concept of first fruits giving and believe that every field with the potential to harvest has a responsibility to sow, be it an individual or institution. Therefore we practice tithing at every level of the Kingdom. It is a concept that is one of the core values of the Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments. We believe that in creating a culture of generosity and obedience to tithe, we acknowledge God as first in our lives and ministries and as the only source of our blessing and provision.


We are lifelong learners. We are stimulated and challenged by new experiences and ideas that move the Kingdom and our lives forward. Therefore we value and place great emphasis on the educational process. While Jesus Christ is certainly our Savior, we also have great appreciation for Jesus as the Master Teacher and Guide, and seek to follow His example with His disciples as they learned and then transmitted that knowledge to others. We are committed to providing a wide range of educational and developmental opportunities for leaders at all experience and responsibility levels.


Our view of leadership is best understood through service to others. We lead by serving. But we also recognize that serving creates influence. We, therefore, seek to equip those who serve to be efficient and effective in their pursuit and performance of leadership responsibilities. We seek to encourage influencers to develop the core biblical concepts and intelligence to serve with excellence and humility.

These are a few of the values that make Destiny who we are. They are the values that drive our vision.