Destiny Youth Intensive

This Youth Intensive is a one-of-a-kind discipleship program that puts the power of youth internships into the Youth Pastor’s hands for their students right where they are: in their local church.

Have you ever wondered why youth are leaving the church?

A recent Lifeway study shows that two-thirds of teens leave the local church upon graduation from high school. This painstaking fact is evident in so many local churches across the United States, and it causes one to scratch the head and ask the question: Why?

Many theories have been suggested as to the cause, ranging from how relevant our services are to how timeless our practice is, but we believe that one of the core reasons young people leave the church is due to their lack of attachment to its purpose. More simply put, it never was THEIR church. Perhaps it was their parents’ church or their grandparents’ church, but they never took ownership for themselves. A lack of solid biblical training coupled with a misunderstanding of the cause of Christ shown forth in the local church is at the center of this issue, and Destiny Youth Intensive is taking aim at this problem directly by birthing the Destiny Youth Intensive.

Coupling a solid curriculum of in-depth Bible-based teaching with a recommended practicum involving outreach, prayer and church service hours, Youth Intensive is a launch pad for young people to find a deeper passion for God, and a fiery love for the local church.

We simply don’t have time to wait until young people are in college or married with mortgages to understand the calling of the church. Youth Intensive is an avenue to get students in the game NOW. Because as we like to say at Destiny Youth, the youth aren’t the next generation, they’re the NOW generation.

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