The amount committed by the member is always at the discretion of the member.  But, generosity is a core value of the Destiny family and this faithful support has positioned us to serve more effectively with greater reach through the years. We believe that God’s idea for ministry funding is still the best. Therefore, as a Covenant Family we affirm the concept of first fruits giving and believe that every field with the potential to harvest has a responsibility to sow, be it an individual or institution. Therefore, we practice tithing at every level of the Kingdom. We believe that in creating a culture of generosity and obedience to tithe, we acknowledge God as first in our lives and ministries, and as the only source of both present and continual blessing and provision.

Therefore, we ask all members to support Destiny monthly as a portion of their personal tithe/offering. We suggest 3%, but are grateful for whatever the member feels led to invest into the Kingdom through Destiny.