The Global Members who have renewed this year will have their membership honored without additional charge in 2019. Beginning in 2020, the schedule of fees and financial commitments will adjust to the Destiny funding system. This is time proven and has positioned Destiny to provide the support that all members of our ministry network need.  The Destiny funding system is a combination of an annual certification fee and monthly support from members to the Network. The annual certification fees are used to subsidize Destiny’s annual Gathering and for the purchase of facilities and equipment to do the job of serving members. Members’ monthly support covers the on-going expenses of operating the ministry including human resource, operational expenses and organizational giving. For example, as a rule Destiny invests 20% of unrestricted contributions in missions, church planting, pastors in crisis, disaster relief and various other benevolence outreaches. The monthly member support allows us to live out our creed, “Let’s Do Something Great Together!” 

Destiny Annual Certification Fees are: 

General License – $50 and a monthly tithe/offering to be determined by the Member.

Ordination – $75 and a monthly tithe/Offering to be determined by the Member.

Churches covered by our 501 (c) 3 – $100 and a monthly tithe/offering to be determined by the member church.