How Do I Get Started?2017-05-06T15:52:13-05:00

It’s simple; schedule a consultation with a Destiny Educational Representative today by calling 501.887.9933 or emailing your contact information and request for more information to: info@destinyleadershipinstitute.com.

When Do Programs Start?2019-01-31T12:51:55-06:00

DLI follows a traditional academic calendar including: Fall and Summer terms.

Does This Program Require Contracts or Long-Term Commitments?2017-05-06T15:50:55-05:00

No. There are no contracts to sign or long-term organizational commitments.

Is DLI Affiliated With Any Specific Church or Denomination?2017-05-06T15:50:12-05:00

No. Destiny’s curriculum is designed to cross denominational lines. Our program is based on a firm evangelical foundation but allows the local church to maintain its own unique theological emphasis.

Is it Necessary to Have Local Instructors or Coordinators?2017-05-06T15:49:11-05:00

No. All course materials and assignments are delivered and evaluated online by world-class instructors who are academically credentialed at the Master’s level or above. Destiny can work with churches to develop a local classroom experience and to develop student community at the local church level.

How Interactive is DLI?2017-05-06T15:48:00-05:00

Even though courses are offered online, students have many opportunities to connect with their peers and faculty members. We offer frequent webinars via Google Hangout, faculty members communicate weekly through e-mail, and all students are invited to attend Destiny’s annual conference.

How Does the Online Classroom Work?2017-06-07T10:33:49-05:00

Each course is divided into bi-weekly units, so that every two weeks a new section of course materials opens for students to read, study, contemplate, and complete their various assigned tasks. All units incorporate a variety of interactive elements, such as class chats, threaded discussions, video lectures, and live webinars. Most assignments can be completed at the student’s convenience.

View the online classroom tutorial here.

How Does the Internship Work?2017-06-07T10:33:49-05:00

A core part of the program is teaching the student to serve in the local church and to function under biblical spiritual leadership. Students are required to log 80 hours of service in the local church per semester making a total of 160 hours per academic year. Churches and Students can choose between two internship options.

#1. The Church Internship Program: For the church that desires a formal internship program, a Destiny Internship specialist will work with local facilitators to customize a program that meets the needs of the local church and satisfies the requirements of Destiny’s internship guidelines.

The Formal Internship Program is recommended for the church that desires to maximize the educational experience for the student while enjoying the benefits of increased volunteer service hours.

#2. The Destiny Service Practicum: For churches who do not desire to establish a formal internship program a practicum course of assigned service is developed for the individual student. Practicums are assigned and administered by Destiny Leadership Institute from our home office in coordination with local church leadership. The student’s service practicum is completed in the local church setting.

The Student Service Practicum is recommended for the church that does not have the available staff to supervise the student’s service requirements or does not have enough students to warrant a formal internship program.

How Much Time Does It Take?2017-05-06T15:42:17-05:00

For the student, 5 to 10 hours of study time weekly should be allotted to complete the assignments and participate in the academic activities. The program is designed to be completed entirely online, however many churches choose to have classroom time for study, discussion groups and/or supplementary instruction. This is at the discretion of the local church. DLI representatives will provide clear guidance and support if you choose to offer local class time.

How Much Does It Cost?2017-05-06T15:41:40-05:00

Churches participating in the program pay nothing. All expenses are factored into the tuition students pay.

The program is $1500 per year. It is a certificate program with no college credit offered. Students receive a certificate of completion from Destiny Leadership Institute upon graduation. Students may pay the full amount and receive a 10% discount on tuition. A flex pay option allows students to pay six payments of $250 during the first six months of enrollment.

How Does It Work?2017-05-06T15:40:41-05:00

Destiny Leadership Institute students study online while they serve in their local churches under the oversight of spiritual leaders. Specifically, students study in a state of the art online learning center where they interact with curriculum, instructors and students from around the world, while applying what they are learning in the local church or ministry setting.

What is Destiny Leadership Institute?2017-05-06T15:40:15-05:00

DLI is an online Christian ministry and leadership training program designed to develop Christian leaders in the local church without requiring them to relocate to a college or seminary. Destiny currently offers a two-year program. The first year provides a biblical foundation while the second year is focused on spiritual formation, leadership and ministry development.

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