Each of us has a river of passion inside. This river produces a flow where we find our sense of purpose and the drive that empowers our motivation. The root word for motivation is motive and today the word motive generally has a negative connotation, but we all have motives. Motive is the strength behind motivation, and without a motive there is no passion. 

Discover your God given purpose in life and just do it…. Live for a cause!

You will never discover your purpose without defining your passion. Successful people are driven by something. How do you discern your God given passion? How do you develop your purpose and release the power these create to energize a life of significance?

Everyone wants to be significant, to find the meaning in life. Since the dawn of humanity it has been our pursuit. A life without purpose creates a sense of hopelessness and despair. Knowing and understanding your passion is critical to understanding your purpose in life and in producing the motivation that drives your life. Your passion is a key to joy!

Your passion is discerned by determining what is important to you, what excites you. It is dictated by your personal values. And we all have them. Think about it. Spend a few moments in casual conversation with just about anybody and you will hear their passions overflowing out of their heart. It is an expression of what is important to them, what they value. The Scripture says in Matthew 12:34, “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Jesus also said in Matthew 6:21 that, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

What you value (what is important to you) will always act as a gatekeeper for your purpose in life. 

The cares of life are filled with unimportant things and they will try to convince us that we must surrender to the demands they make on our lives. This causes us to focus on the timely instead of the timeless. When we do this we can sacrifice the eternal on the altar of the immediate and wind up living a life that has little or no lasting impact on our world or those in it. Living in the important stream, the meaningful stream of personal values, will produce a flow of power in your life and the lives of those with whom you come into contact. So then we can say…

Passion will reveal your purpose, and your purpose when discovered and developed will release a power for living that is fueled by internal perpetual motivation. I believe that this passion is a gift of God, that it was deposited in you by your Creator. It is your God given purpose, the reason for which you were born, the gift that God deposited in you and meant for you to share, and the gift for which you will give an account to Him. The secret to a life of significance is to learn to live for a purpose greater than oneself. Discovering and fulfilling your purpose is a key to living a life of satisfaction.


 Take these steps today….

  1. Define your Passion! Passion excites, and it will produce Joy.
  2. 2. Discover and develop your Purpose! Purpose satisfies, and it will produce a sense of Satisfaction.

Release the Power to Live!